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The Right Talents at the Right Time

Need highly specialized expertise for your team? Facing talent shortages? Recruitment challenges? Last-minute replacements? Temporary workload spikes? Urgent projects to fulfill?

Your company is adapting to the changing landscape of the labor market: today’s talents are independent. La Collab facilitates your transition towards what we now call the extended enterprise: from recruiting independent experts to integrating and retaining your external talents.

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Your HR and Procurement challenges


  1. Remaining flexible in the face of occasional skill needs
  2. Recruiting scarce profiles
  3. Managing your pool of external talents
  4. Developing your employer brand


  1. Sourcing the right suppliers and securing the relationship
  2. Defining needs in new marketing and digital professions
  3. Negotiating the best contract: lump sum or daily rate
  4. Administrative, commercial, and legal security

Why hire a freelance expert?

Meet your deadlines

Save time by choosing the right profile with the help of a freelance recruitment specialist, your freelance talent manager from La Collab to find the rare gem and assist you in making decisions.

Say YES to new clients and respond to emergencies calmly.

Be supported by, and delegate to, a rigorously qualified base of more than 700 independent talents, including 80 freelance members tested and approved over several assignments for their expertise in marketing, communication, and/or digital across 32 business lines.

Respond to a new or occasional need without making a costly mistake by recruiting the wrong employee. 

With the advice of your dedicated contact: your freelance project leader who is perfectly familiar with all our professional expertise and a talent manager expert in recruitment, you benefit from a well-established and TRUSTWORTHY freelance recruitment methodology. We support you from defining your needs with a job description, through to the sourcing and integration of freelancers within your organization.

Test and conquer a new market / a new offer with less stress.

You secure the contracting through a simple and fast administrative, legal, and commercial hosting solution (quotes, invoicing, payment…) to focus on the assignment and get it up-and-running quickly.

Energize an internal team, a project, with new expertise.

We give you the keys, help you to structure , train you how to best integrate a talent into your teams and make their intervention a success right up to the completion of their assignment.

Our commitments: Responsiveness, Security, Trust, Flexibility, Transparency.

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Agile and adapted solutions to your needs


Our Connect Recruitment offer meets your on-site and remote needs while securing the legal aspects.

A fair and clear price is our philosophy. We present it to you below.


More than just connecting with freelance experts from the collective, we support you in monitoring, implementing management tools, and optimizing your employer brand for external talents.

< Our Service - Connect Recruitment />

A recruitment solution, commercial hosting, and turnkey management support by a Talent Manager


✔︎ Listening, understanding, and scoping your need: precise definition of tasks, objectives, and workload

✔︎ Writing the assignment offer

✔︎ Sourcing and presentation of 2 qualified and available profiles

✔︎ Negotiation of rates

✔︎ Monthly assignment monitoring tool

✔︎ Quarterly assignment review with feedback and management advice

✔︎ 30-page guide “Recruiting and Managing Freelance Talent”

✔︎ Trusted third party✔︎ Replacement guarantee


Recruitment compensation based on success. Minimum intervention fee of €850 excluding VAT.

Freelance rate based on actual time spent with guaranteed volume discount.

  • Duration of 1 to 20 days (TJM Talent: Full rate)
  • Duration of 21 to 50 days (TJM Talent: -10%)
  • Duration of 51 days and more (TJM Talent: -20%)

How does it work?


Definition of needs in co-creation with your teams to recruit a freelancer.


Sourcing with a talent acquisition manager from our already qualified independent talent base. We can also create sourcing outside the collective for your needs.


Selection of at least 2 profiles presented that combine hard skills and soft skills to promote good interaction with the team and/or the contact.


A moment of exchange with the freelancer to choose the talent in the form of a meeting/video call/breakfast/coffee ☕.


Support in choosing the freelancer, contracting, and launching the mission.


Monitoring throughout the assignment according to the project mode you have chosen.

Key statistics on freelance recruitment

of French companies use professionals on a freelance basis for their particular expertise.

(source Izyfreelance)

of companies have increased their use of freelance talents, whether for short assignments or several months.

(source Cooptalis)

< Connect - Management />


Entrust us with the animation of your freelance community with mechanisms that allow the transmission of your company culture.

It is necessary to establish solid foundations, the key steps of our support (complete or à la carte)

How does it work?


Audit of your freelance ecosystem of existing mechanisms



Speech and action plan


Communication actions and tools

Example: welcome kit, dedicated Slack, intranet groups, newsletters, emailing, social networks, FAQ, etc.



Best practices in freelance management: from onboarding to offboarding, the new role of CFO…


Transform your organization to bring out collaborative intelligence among your teams and external talents.

How does it work?


Audit of work methods

Analysis of the existing and implementation of methods and tools, common collaboration charter…


Action plan

Implement common methods and tools (Trello, Slack, and others…), ensure their proper adoption to create an ecosystem of collaboration conducive to the success of your projects.



Strengthen collaborative work methods and the use of tools and transmission of best practices: setting the framework for autonomy, facilitating communication, establishing times for feedback and skills development…

< HR Experts Alongside Your Project Leaders />

Our experts in recruitment and freelance management

Do you want to accelerate your recruitment of freelance experts? Do you want to ensure the involvement, autonomy, and creativity of freelancers? Do you want to be supported in evolving your internal communication strategy? We are here to make your projects a success, together.

Pauline Christ

Laura Strelezki

Célia Chauvet


Today, since 2015, La Collab is:

clients have trusted us
experts in the network
experts on assignment
project leaders to support you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of hiring a freelance professional instead of an employee?

If you’re still hesitant about engaging a freelance resource, we outline in this article the benefits of collaborating with a freelancer.

What costs / what compensation is involved in hiring a freelancer?

Our Connect Recruitment offer adjusts to your needs and the talents selected. A fair and transparent price is our philosophy. You compensate the talent fairly as well as our recruitment support and the administrative fees of the file. All our services (Connect – Recruitment and Connect – Management) are quoted on request.

Why a Connect – Management offer?

Utilizing a freelance “workforce” requires some adaptations to your usual recruitment process, onboarding, management, and offboarding. This is necessary both for legal reasons and to ensure successful collaborations between your internal teams and external talents. Does the richness of your company rely on the people who are part of it? Then, work on your employer brand to attract and retain a freelance community.

What is the role of a CFO (Chief Freelance Officer)?

The transformation of the work world has given rise to this new role. The Chief Freelance Officer acts as a conductor dedicated to independents. Apart from overseeing projects, they are also responsible for managing relationships with freelancers to ensure that the best talents become loyal collaborators on whom the company can regularly rely. 

Discover our training on this topic.

Do you support schools in their recruitment of teaching staff?

We also offer a recruitment service for teaching staff within schools. 

La Collab will propose one or more freelance profiles matching your search. Our diverse talents are sure to convince you and meet your expectations!

More details on the offer here!


< Our clients />

They have trusted us

Une super équipe, et la capacité à trouver le bon prestataire correspondant à chaque type de besoin! :))
Exclusivement de bonnes expériences.


Jean-Baptiste Bizon
Bloom Multimedia

Je suis fortement satisfait de la prestation faite par La Collab. J’ai pu travailler avec une freelance compétente et parfaitement qualifiée sur un sujet pointu de stratégie d’acquisition e-commerce. Célia m’a directement proposé la bonne personne, dans un délai rapide. Je recommande ! 

Daniel Villemur

La Collab en tant que partenaire c’est le feu ! Nous travaillons avec Laura, Pauline et Fiona main dans la main et ça nous permet de monter des projets qui sont vraiment costauds. Bravo la Collab !

Cyril Thiriet

Aspects positifs : Professionnalisme
Des équipes au top. Réactives et sympathiques avec qui il fait bon discuter ! Un vrai accompagnement sur le recrutement de talents, Merci !

Laurent Garrouste
Co-fondateur du média J’ai Un Pote Dans La Com

Aspects positifs : Professionnalisme, Qualité, Rapport qualité-prix, Réactivité

Une collaboration réussie avec une équipe au top, à l’écoute et réactive. Nous tenons à remercier La Collab !

Marina Couture

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