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Need marketing & communication experts?

Lacking resources to successfully complete your marketing or communication projects?

Looking to strengthen your team with specific expertise

Need talent for a project or a fixed term? 

Vous êtes au bon endroit.

You’re in the right place. 

Imagine your marketing or communication team being flexible, adaptable, and scalable according to your company’s needs and projects. 

With La Collab, you have access to the best freelance talents to help you meet your business challenges and achieve your goals.

La Collab, is…


A pool of expertise and skills that, combined, allows us to complete projects from the simplest to the most ambitious.

At La Collab, this pool already includes over 2,000 freelancers.

Need talent? Chances are we already know the right person.


Proven work methods, a results-oriented approach, and a solid dose of common sense.

Of course, we will meet your expectations. But we’re also here to challenge your ideas, boost your projects, and help you achieve your goals.

How? That’s what we will discuss together.


La Collab is a collective enterprise.

You benefit from the reliability of a recognized company and the security of a partner who will stay with you long-term if you wish.

Need assistance? Your dedicated Project Leader is here to help.

Access a pool of over 2,000 talents ready to tackle your challenges with you, starting tomorrow.

Why La Collab Belgium ?

An international network, with local resources. 

Since 2015, La Collab has brought together the best freelance experts in marketing and communication.

After Toulouse, Marseille, Paris, Nantes, and Lyon, La Collab has established itself in Belgium, particularly in Brussels, the heart of the European capital.

We offer you the talents of your region, or those best suited to your needs.

In short, a company with geography, creativity, and ambition without borders. 

Welcome to the future of work.

 We are a collective enterprise. And that changes everything.

In an increasingly complex and constantly evolving market, we have chosen to look further, with an innovative structure and model where ethics and know-how go hand in hand.

Want the right resources, at the right time, at the right price? Working with La Collab ensures you access the best skills while enjoying the luxury of common sense, simplicity, and flexibility.

< Our expertise />

The skills you need, when you need them

With over 2000 talents and expertise in more than 35 fields, we are able to support you in all areas related to communication and marketing:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Communication plan
  • Audit & consulting
  • Project and team management
  • Campaign management
  • Brand positioning
  • Print & web graphic design
  • Copywriting & content creation
  • Video, motion design
  • Photography
  • Art Direction
  • Campaign design
  • Visual identity
  • Web and app development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Sociale media and community management
  • Email marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Traffic management and acquisition
  • Eco-design

< Our services />

1 need, 3 solutions

Where are you right now? Where do you want to be tomorrow?



You want to maximize your chances of success with a customized team to carry out your projects, from strategic thinking to operations.



You want to face the challenges and changes of the job market by connecting with qualified freelance experts to reinforce your team.



You want your teams to stay at their best by training them in various tools, techniques, and evolutions in marketing and communication.

“So, you’re an agency?”

La Collab is neither an agency, nor a freelance platform, nor a consulting firm…. 

In fact, we are a bit of all these combined. 

In reality, we embody the best of these three worlds.

A communication agency

We brief, brainstorm, develop insights, set next steps, think outside the box, build strategies, deploy communication plans, deliver ASAP….

Oui, mais en plus agile et transparent. Avec bon sens et authenticité.

A freelance platform

Our talents are handpicked, consulted for their expertise, selected for their skills, and recommended for their interpersonal qualities

We go beyond experience and resumes, to where the magic happens.

A recruitment firm

We are freelancers and HR experts ourselves for sourcing specific talents, placing, and managing freelance resources.

Above all, we manage talents with elegance and ethics.

So, shall we collab’?

Contact us for an initial exchange and receive 100% personalized advice. Free of charge and without obligation. Get a glimpse of what we could achieve together.

Nos clients satisfaits

Je conseille grandement La Collab pour soutenir votre entreprise dans tout type de projet! Très professionnels, ils ont su m’accompagner pour un besoin marketing de grande envergure pour un lancement à l’international. Réactifs et à l’écoute, ils ont un pool de talents motivés et talentueux!

Damien Abribat

< Un grand merci à La Collab (Fabien, Delphine, Amandine, Tiffany et Pascal) pour leur accompagnement marketing exceptionnel lors du lancement de notre nouvelle page web et LinkedIn. leur expertise, créativité et professionnalisme ont contribué à la réussite de mon entreprise. Le retour sur investissement a été rapide et significatif. />

Lise Saussier
AWAIR France

Un grand merci à toute l’équipe pour leur engagement et le professionnalisme. Leur approche créative et une expertise approfondie a vraiment fait la différence. Nous sommes impatients de continuer cette collaboration. />

La Team
Delphine Abdelmoula

I’m Delphine
Project Leader and co-founder of La Collab Belgium.

Brand strategist and project manager in marketing and communication for over 15 years, serving both small and large companies. 

My strength: finding the perfect balance between strategy and creativity to make your projects a real success. 

And I’m not alone in this endeavor. 

Alongside me are talented and passionate freelancers, ready to help with your projects

 I would be delighted to introduce them to you.

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